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20 October 2018

Helen Marnie's all-time favourite female voices

Helen Marnie shares a playlist of her all-time favourite female voices

When I think about the music, in particular the voices, which have touched me in some way, I would say around 80% or more are woman. Perhaps it's that I can just relate to the way a woman can use her voice, the way it gels with my brain, or maybe it's that I feel how she feels. That I have, at some point, endured something she has, and that's why the voice reaches out to me and triggers receptors and makes me emotionally involved.

So, for this playlist, I wanted to share some of the female voices that have inspired me, from my youth through to what makes my ears tingle now. The vocals I'm drawn to aren't necessarily technically brilliant. In fact, usually the opposite. All those power vocals make me yawn. It's more the tone I'm interested in, or how technology is used to affect the voice. On Familiar, Agnes Obel takes her own voice down a register or two to create what sounds like a male voice dueting with her. The result is pretty awesome. Two of the artists I've chosen sing in both French and English, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Free Love. That is just a win-win in my book.

-Helen Marnie

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground
Tori Amos - The Waitress
Broadcast - Come On Let's Go
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Massive Attack - Teardrop
Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen
Nina Simone - Mood Indigo
Heart - Dreamboat Annie
Joni Mitchell - Marcie
Randy Crawford - Street Life
Charlotte Gainsbourg - Lying With You
Agnes Nobel - Familiar
Anna Calvi - Hunter
Nightwave & Rye Rye - Awesome
Patience - The Church
HQFU - Dust & Dirt
Free Love - Pushing Too Hard


05 July 2018

Crystal World now available on clear double vinyl

Order it from Les Disques du Crépuscule.

2xLP tracklist:
A1. The Hunter
A2. We Are the Sea
A3. Hearts on Fire
A4. Violet Affair
B1. The Wind Breezes On
B2. Sugarland
B3. High Road
B4. Laura
C1. Submariner
C2. Gold
D1. The Hunter (Stephen Morris Remix)
D2. Sugarland (Mark Reeder Sweet + Sticky Remix)
D3. The Hunter (Roman Nose Remix)

11 June 2018

5 years of Crystal World

Today it's the 5th anniversary of Marnie's awesome debut album, Crystal World.

11 December 2017

New Marnie merchandise

Helen Marnie added new mechandise: a "G.I.R.L.S" t-shirt. Get it from here if you want one.

23 November 2017

Marnie released the single "G.I.R.L.S"

The single "G.I.R.L.S" (taken from the excellent album Stange Words and Weird Wars) is available on 7" limited white and black vinyl at her Bandcamp page. There are just 150 copies printed.

Track listing:
Side A: G.I.R.L.S
Side B: Lost Maps (HQFU remix)

02 November 2017

Marnie - Lost Maps Remixes

In 27 October, Helen Marnie released a 5-tracks EP with remixes of "Lost Maps", one of the highlights of her excellent second solo album, Strange Words and Weird Wars. You can buy it from her Bandcamp page.

1. Lost Maps (HQFU Remix) – 03:27
2. Lost Maps (-La Roc- Remix) – 03:57
3. Lost Maps (John Baillie Jnr Baby Diego Remix) – 05:23
4. Lost Maps (John Baillie Jnr Baby Diego Remix Dub) – 05:23
5. Lost Maps (John Baillie Jnr Baby Diego Remix Radio Edit) – 02:58

05 June 2017

All "Strange Words and Weird Wars" lyrics added

Visit Marnie's lyrics page to read all the new lyrics. Plus the older ones.

02 June 2017

19 May 2017

"Electric Youth" music video

Marnie premiered the video for "Electric Youth". Helen is sporting a nice red keytar.

Marnie premiered the third single, "Electric Youth"

Listen to it here.

02 May 2017

"Strange Words and Weird Wars" is available to pre-order

Helen Marnie's forthcoming album "Strange Words and Weird Wars" is available to pre-order on her Bandcamp page. The album will be released on 2nd June on Disco Pinata on 4 formats:
- digital (MP3, FLAC and more);
- CD-R (limited edition: 150 copies);
- clear vinyl with double-sided insert (limited edition: 500 copies);
- black vinyl with double-sided insert (limited edition: 500 copies).

08 March 2017

Helen Marnie announced the first gigs of this year

29 Mar: Les Femmes S'en MĂȘlent OFF, Paris, France
26 May: Hidden Door, Leith Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
09 Jun: Oslo Hackney, London, UK
01 Sep: Electric Fields, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

More to be announced.

25 January 2017

The artwork and track listing of Strange Words and Weird Wars

Track listing:
01. Alphabet Block
02. Bloom
04. Electric Youth
05. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
06. Lost Maps
07. Summer Boys
08. Little Knives
09. Invisible Girl
10. Heartbreak Kid


24 January 2017

Helen Marnie is back with the single "Alphabet Block"

Helen Marnie is back with a great new single titled "Alphabet Block" from her upcoming second solo album Strange Words and Weird Wars (to be released on 25 March). This single premiered today on PopJustice. According to the press release:

The ability to effortlessly play with genres becomes more and more apparent as you work your way through what is such a sonically impressive record. Tracks such as album opener, the unashamedly melodic "Alphabet Block", nods to contemporary pop artists; think an electro-pop fusion between La Roux and Kylie. "Girls" expertly creates the immediacy of Ladyhawke's best work, with "Electric Youth" channeling 80's mall pop; a glorious guilty pleasure and one of the stand-out tracks on the album. Introspection comes in the form of the shoegaze-inspired "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night", giving the air of an unreleased b-side from a cult vampire movie, while forthcoming single "Lost Maps" is a pop classic in the making; a single that should be heard on dance floors all over the world.

After moving back to Glasgow in September 2012, after many years living in London, Marnie continued to write music following the success of her solo project and subsequent album release in 2013. Influenced by life, love, loss, politics and all things 80's pop, Marnie has created an album that has an intelligence and a depth behind what, on the surface, is a melodic contemporary pop record. With support having already come from tastemakers like Pitchfork, Pop Matters and Under the Radar, Marnie will be looking to build upon this through the release of her second solo record; an album that will rightly be deemed one of the most anticipated of 2017.

10 January 2017

Update about Helen's new solo album

"After five albums as lead vocalist of Liverpool electropop quartet Ladytron, Glasgow-born and based Helen is busy working on the follow up to her successful 2013 debut solo album Crystal World. Working with producer Jonny Scott, Marnie has labelled album number 2 'a war between digital and analogue' choc full of vintage synths. A recent video shoot in Arrochar suggests it won't be long until she is back with new material in early 2017".


11 December 2016

Helen Marnie is preparing a new music video

Helen twitted: "On location in Arrochar today for my video shoot!!!!".

28 April 2016

RM Hubbert with Marnie - Sweet Dreams

The song "Sweet Dreams" is a new collaboration between RM Hubbert and Helen Marnie.

09 April 2016

New Marnie tour dates

01 May 2016 - FestEVOL, Liverpool, UK
07 May 2016 - Shuffle Down Fest, Dobbie Hall, Larbert, UK