26 March 2011

Ladytron members

Helen Marnie

Helen Lindsay Marnie was born on 21 February 1978 in Glasgow, Scotland. She is the lead singer of Ladytron and one of the keyboardists and songwriters of the band. During the band's live shows, Helen sings and plays a synthesizer. Near the end of 2012 she moved back to Glasgow, after living in London for more than a decade.

She grew up in Glasgow. Marnie is a classically trained pianist. She studied piano at the Royal Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. She dropped out of university in Glasgow before going on to study music at the University of Liverpool, where she received in 1999 a Bachelor of Arts in pop music.

She claims influences such as Kate Bush, Maria Callas, and Joni Mitchell. Her favorite music includes Bat for Lashes, MGMT, Fairport Convention, Serge Gainsbourg, Grimes, Chvrches, Tegan and Sara, Phosphorescent, Lana Del Rey, Yeasayer, Glasvegas, Laura Marling, Bon Iver, Heart, Carole King, Fever Ray, Daughter, Camera Obscura, First Aid Kit, Haim, CSS, Geographer, Emeli Sandé, Santigold, The Twilight Sad, Frightened Rabbit, Prince, Whitney Houston, Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson, Madonna, The Bangles, Carly Simon, ABBA. Helen's height is 168 cm (5'6"). In 2011, Helen Marnie married with someone named Nic.

In 2012, Marnie started recording her debut solo album, titled Crystal World. The album was produced by her Ladytron band mate Daniel Hunt and the Icelandic musician Barði Jóhannsson. She run a successful PledgeMusic campaign to fund the making of the album. Crystal World was self-released on 11 June 2013. In July 2013, the album was released on CD format through Les Disques du Crépuscule label.

Marnie said about this album: "For the past year I've been writing more than ever, and I'm so pleased with the results thus far. The album, as yet untitled, is straight from the heart. I can't put it any other way. It means a lot. It is me, noone else. It is everything around me, my loves, my life, hopes and loss. I wanted to create an electronic album with more of a pop element and pristine vocals. Lyrically, the album is expansive, but the Elements do play a part in much of the record, with the sea being particularly dominant and reoccurring. So, with the sea in mind and beautiful landscapes, I decided to fly to Iceland to record in a studio there. The light is so pretty, the air fresh, the sea vast, that I thought it would be the perfect setting to record".

On 9 September 2014, she premiered a new single titled "Wolves". The song was produced by Jonny Scott and was released on iTunes on 14 September 2014. On 18 April 2015 (Record Store Day), "Wolves" with a Marsheaux remix as a B-side was released on 7" vinyl as a limited edition (500 copies). In 2015, Marnie performed vocals on Bang Gang' song "Silent Bite" and in 2016 she collaborated with the Scottish musician RM Hubbert on the song "Sweet Dreams".

Her second solo album, Strange Words and Weird Wars, was released on 2 June 2017 on Disco Pinata and it was supported by the singles "Alphabet Block" (24 January), "Lost Maps" (30 March) and "Electric Youth" (18 May).

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Mira Aroyo

Mira Aroyo was born on 11 July 1977 in Sofia, Bulgaria to Bulgarian Hasidic background. She is the secondary singer of Ladytron and one of the keyboardists and songwriters of the band, and also a DJ. Aroyo writes and sings her songs for Ladytron in her native Bulgarian as well as in English. During the band's live shows, Mira plays synthesizers and occasionally sings.

Aroyo moved with her family to Israel when she was ten. Mira's first musical instrument that she ever played was the guitar. She also used to play the accordion.

She was a postgraduate research geneticist in the Oxford University's Biochemistry department. She co-authored an article on "Species specificity in the activation of Xer recombination at dif by FtsK", published in Molecular Microbiology in 2003.

Aroyo collaborated with John Foxx & The Maths for the song "Watching a Building On Fire" and with the indie pop band The Projects.

Some of her favorite artists are Nick Cave, The Birthday Party, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Serge Gainsbourg, Woody Guthrie, Cheap Trick, Jeff Wayne, Jane Birkin, Dolly Parton, Blondie, Suicide, Bill Callahan, Vitalic, Brian Wilson, krautrock, country.

In 2010, Mira Aroyo married with Harry Hardie. She is a pescetarian.

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Reuben Wu

Reuben Wu was born on 6 September 1975 in Liverpool, England and grew up in North West England. He is a keyboardist, songwriter, producer and DJ. During the band's live shows, Reuben plays synthesizers.

Wu is a classically trained violinist. He trained in Industrial Design at Sheffield Hallam University. He graduated in 1997 and finished his MSc in 1998 at University of Liverpool before working as an industrial designer for Team Consulting in Cambridge until going full time with the band in 2002. Reuben Wu and Daniel Hunt met in the 1990s in Liverpool.

Wu is also an accomplished photographer. In 23 June 2011, he released a book with a collection of photographs from an expedition with a friend on Svalbard in March 2011. He designed the cover of the album 604 (UK version) and its singles. Also he was involved in the making of various ads, including their soundtrack.

He features on the Electric Six song "Love Song for Myself" on their seventh album Zodiac.

His favorite music include My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno, Goblin, The Fall, Serge Gainsbourg, Curve, Wire, Broadcast, Stereolab, Aphex Twin, Pansonic, Nine Inch Nails, The Carpenters, Angelo Badalamenti, Johann Sebastian Bach, Throbbing Gristle, Bat For Lashes, Santigold, Sisters of Transistors, The Future Sound of London, HTRK, Psychic TV, DAF, Joy Division, Queen.

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Daniel Hunt

Daniel Hunt was born on 25 July 1974 in Liverpool, England and currently resides in Brazil. Daniel is songwriter, producer, guitarist, keyboardist and DJ. During the band's live shows, Daniel plays synthesizers, guitar and occasionally perform background vocals.

In 1990s, he founded the record label Invicta Hi-Fi. Ladytron released their albums, EPs and singles on Invicta Hi-Fi until 2003. In early 1990s, Hunt sang and played guitar for indie rock band Jules Verne. He was also a member of the band Chevette, better known for the Pulp cover "We Can Dance Again". From 1998 to 1999, Hunt was also the keyboardist of the band Venini.

Hunt, Wu and DJ Revo opened the Liverpool club night Evol in September 2003. In September 2005, Hunt and Wu helped by some collaborators, opened the Liverpool bar/restaurant/music venue Korova.

Daniel Hunt worked on several movie scores, including that of Would You Rather and L'Esecutrice, both in collaboration with Icelandic musician Barði Jóhannsson. Hunt also co-produced Marnie's album, Crystal World. He featured as vocalist on two Ladytron songs, "International Dateline" and "Versus". He has produced other artists such as Christina Aguilera, Marina Gasolina, Javiera Mena, Niue, and Lush (the EP Blind Spot).

His favorite music includes My Bloody Valentine, Black Sabbath, Duran Duran, David Bowie, Jean Michel Jarre, Mantronix, Newcleus, Jonzun Crew. His all time favorite album is Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. In 2011, Daniel Hunt got married with Adriana.

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