30 November 2015

Emma Anderson of Lush used to work for Ladytron’s management

I used to work for Ladytron's management, so I met Danny back then and we became friends. I never forget the first time I worked in the office and we all went to the pub, and he sat next to me and asked, "Are you Emma Anderson from Lush?" It turns out he was a massive Lush fan when he was about 15. He told me that he had posters of me on his wall and that Ladytron "only existed because of Lush".

I lost contact with him for a few years, but when we were thinking about making a new record, our manager was coming up with ideas for producers. We wanted someone who understood something about the band. I got in touch with Danny via Facebook and asked him if he knew who might be good to produce Lush. He immediately put himself forward. Jim Abbiss, who had produced the Ladytron album Witching Hour is friends with Danny and they had always had an idea that they would work on something together one day. It was probably a drunken chat. So, Jim got involved, which was exciting.