21 November 2015

Daniel Hunt and Jim Abbiss produced the forthcoming EP by Lush

According to Daniel Hunt:

"I have had to keep this quiet for over a year but now the secret is out. It is an honour and a pleasure to produce the first new music in 20 years from one of the most important bands of my youth. X".

More details here:

20 years after Lush's last studio recording and live show, one of the most greatly missed British bands of the Nineties have decided that 2016 is the time to put an end to the constant requests and are to play a series of shows in the spring, visiting America, the UK and mainland Europe. The tour will be preceded with a brand new EP, so it's a new beginning in more ways than one.

While there are plans further down the road to record an album, for now the new EP (as yet untitled, but it will be self-released) will feature four tracks, jointly written by the band's co-founders Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi. Production is being shared between Jim Abbiss and Daniel Hunt of Ladytron.