18 February 2019

How to Raise a Rockstar (The Guardian, 2008)

Ed Marnie retired Scottish Enterprise development worker: father of Ladytron singer Helen Marnie

When Helen was a child we took her to see big shows like Evita, but she hated it. From that moment she was never mainstream in her attitudes to music or fashion. I once dropped her off to see Michael Jackson but usually it was obscure bands. She went to Glasgow to study but dropped out after a year and I thought: "Problem." But then she suddenly announced she was going to Liverpool to study pop music, and that's where they started the band. On stage she comes across as ultra-cool, and the critics use words like "stark" and "robotic" and "austere", but she's not like that - she's funny and down to earth.

It is weird being a pop star's parent. At one gig my pal and I were standing with our black Ladytron T-shirts on thinking we were cool and this kid looked at us and said, "You must be parents." I was once in a bar and this bloke said he was a big Ladytron fan and had a screensaver of Helen on his computer. I looked at him and said, "That's my daughter!"