29 July 2018

The new Ladytron album is 99.9% done

Daniel Hunt posted that the new Ladytron album is basically finished and the band destroyed an old Echoplex (tape delay effect device) during the creation process.

The album is 99.9% there.
We killed this along the way.

05 July 2018

Crystal World now available on clear double vinyl

Order it from Les Disques du Crépuscule.

2xLP tracklist:
A1. The Hunter
A2. We Are the Sea
A3. Hearts on Fire
A4. Violet Affair
B1. The Wind Breezes On
B2. Sugarland
B3. High Road
B4. Laura
C1. Submariner
C2. Gold
D1. The Hunter (Stephen Morris Remix)
D2. Sugarland (Mark Reeder Sweet + Sticky Remix)
D3. The Hunter (Roman Nose Remix)