18 February 2015

Ladytron featured on TEC's 30 Favourite Gigs 2010-2014 list

Ladytron at The Forum (2011)

Korg is a four letter word… but then so is love. Ladytron pulled off that rare feat of being an electronic based act that appealed to rockers, emos, indie kids and synthpopsters alike. Their only UK gig of 2011 was drawn from all of their albums.

Mira Aroyo's distinctive Bulgarian over the mechanical buzz of "True Mathematics", a fabulously frantic cover of Death in June's "Little Black Angel" and old favourite "Discotraxx" with its repeated claptrap fill were key show highlights.

And to finish, there was the magnificent "Destroy Everything You Touch". Totally glorious and sensational, the mind blowing synchronised laser display and strobes totally complimented what has always sounded like the backing to a "cold war" rave.