23 January 2015

Sunday Mail interview (2008)

The Beat Goes Tron

Ladytron singer Mira Aroyo quit science to hit the stage with Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu - and reveals here why it was the best move she ever made.

Why is the album called Velocifero?

It means carrier of speed. It was the title of a track which didn't make it on the album but we liked the name so much we kept it. Scooters and pushbikes also go by the name. We Googled it and found it was also the title of a 19th-century Italian opera. We just liked it because of the speed of velocity.

What's the inspiration behind it?

To do something more diverse and better. That's all really, otherwise it's just the same inspiration for all the things we do. We want to make songs we enjoy and like playing and hopefully other people will enjoy them. We've been going for eight years and I don't think we would have if we weren't pushing forward. I'm happy with the album. I guess it's natural to think it's your favourite because it's the last one you have done.

What was it like recording in Paris?

We went straight from touring in America to recording. One of the studios we were in was underneath a big theatre where they record people like Charles Aznavour. Duran Duran recorded Rio there. It was funny doing it with people who were not English-speaking. Funny but nice.

You are originally from Bulgaria. Do you get back home much?

We've played there twice. I have to go quite often because my grandma and uncle are there. It was pretty amazing to play there because I think people appreciated it.

Do you get nervous playing at home?

My home town now is London. It's where my friends are. It's always stressful because you have to make sure everyone is OK. It's like it's your party and you never get to enjoy it much because you are pouring drinks and stuff.

How did the band meet?

Through friends. Helen was at university in Liverpool, where Danny and Reuben are from. They were on the music scene. They were DJing and we met through mutual friends.

Your fellow vocalist, Helen, is from Scotland. Do you visit here much?

I love coming to Scotland. We've played at Oran Mor in Glasgow a few times and it's one of our favourite venues in the UK. Because Helen is from Glasgow, she goes there all the time. She has a flat there as well.

You were a geneticist. How did you get into music?

We've all been very passionate about music and I was a DJ before but I never thought it would be a career. We all had jobs when we started Ladytron then little by little we ditched them. I was a geneticist doing a PhD and realising lab work wasn't for me. We were doing Ladytron at the same time and I was enjoying it more. It was easier and more fun.

Is there anyone you'd like to work with?

We are really interested in during more film soundtrack stuff. Stay at home, less touring, more soundtracks. The director who did the video for our single "Ghosts" is a big Ladytron fan and he has some scripts that he is hoping to start on next year. He has asked us to work on the music.

Any favourite films?

I'm obsessed by films so there are lots of favourites but I really like Watership Down, David Lynch films and lots of horror films.

What's your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

In summer, I like to go to a nice park, cycle around or have a picnic on a boat or a barge. Right now, that would be nice.