01 July 2014

Mira and Helen featured on TEC's The Beauty of the Synthesizer list

Both Mira Aroyo and Helen Marnie featured on The Electricity Club's "The Beauty of the Synthesizer" list (the most beautiful women in synthpop).

That list includes names like Au Revoir Simone, Sarah Blackwood (Dubstar, Client), Anastasia Dimou (Feathers), Alison Goldfrapp (Goldfrapp), Claire Boucher (Grimes), Patricia Hall (Soft Metals), Imogen Heap, Victoria Hesketh (Little Boots), Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sophie Sarigiannidou (Marsheaux), Lauren Mayberry (Chvrches), Anais Neon (Vile Electrodes), Sarah Nixey (Black Box Recorder), Polly Scattergood, Emilie Simon, and others.

Also Marianthi and Sophie from Marsheaux were compared with Mira and Helen: "Marianthi Melitsi is the Helen Marnie of the pair with her sweet vocals and porcelain looks. Meanwhile, Sophie Sarigiannidou is more akin to Mira Aroyo with a more smouldering demeanour which is deadpan in comparison".

Mira Aroyo

While Ladytron are very much a quartet musically, imagewise it has been the band's female pair who have been the focal point.

When Mira Aroyo first appeared on the scene, her icy East European demeanour suited the band's dark terrorist chic meets the catwalk. With look akin to the notorious Baader-Meinhof gang, she was Mira armed with a Korg MS-20 as her weapon of choice.

As well as DJing, she has branched out into other projects, the most notable being when she made her stark deadpan presence felt on the appropriately dystopian "Watching a Building on Fire" with John Foxx & The Maths in 2011.

Helen Marnie

If Mira Aroyo is the Anni-Frid Lyngstad of Ladytron, then Helen Marnie is Agnetha Fältskog.

The sweeter, more pop inclined of the pair, Helen certainly appeared at home with a more glamorous image when Ladytron relaxed their uniformed stance after their third album Witching Hour.

It was probably Helen who persuaded Mira Aroyo to sport swimwear on their 2003 DJ mix compilation Softcore Jukebox.

She is obviously comfortable with that look as she has continued with the swimwear and gone for some glossy imagery in support of her pristine first solo album Crystal World.

Other superb pictures with Mira & Helen: