17 December 2013

Reuben Wu did a soundtrack for a promotional video

Reuben Wu did a soundtrack for a promotional video titled "Over 2 Million Containers, 2,000 Routes - GE" for GE:

The music is excellent and it sounds like Ladytron and Orbital. The video is great too, because it's synchronized with the music. More details from this site:

In an attempt to "artistically demonstrate the complexity involved in the tightly-orchestrated intermodal process that is required to move goods", GE and Barbarian Group collaborated with Reuben Wu, of British band Ladytron, to create a new music video (of sorts) called "Over 2 Million Containers, 2000 Routes".

To create the music for the video, Wu integrated organic terminal sounds from CSX Intermodal Terminal in North Baltimore, Ohio with original instrumentation. The video takes the terminal sounds and original music, and creates a natural fit for the them "synchronized against key moments in the intermodal process". This may all sound very complicated and clinical, but the video succeeds at making this process appealing, giving the viewer an idea of all the complexity that goes into the "tightly-orchestrated intermodal process" in a way that is actually enjoyable.