04 August 2010


Ladytron Music is an unofficial fan site about the electronic music band Ladytron and the related side projects. This site is run by Alin, a passionate music fan who is also interested in design, programming, computers, history, films and others.

I discovered Ladytron in 2004 through a 30 seconds sample from "Playgirl" song on Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music (click House->Synthtron to hear the sample).

I became a fan of this band after I've seen the "Destroy Everything You Touch" music video on MTV 2 in 2005. Withcing Hour is my favorite Ladytron album and I like all their songs more or less. Unfortunately I've never seen the band live so far.

On 1 June 2010, I opened this site. At first it was only a platform for sharing bootlegs. In 2011 I started to expand it into a proper fan site. Thanks for visiting my site.

Contact: syntheticdream1[AT]gmail[DOT]com