16 December 2013

"The Hunter" featured on TEC's 30 Best Songs of 2013 list

"The Hunter" featured on The Electricity Club's 30 Best Songs of 2013 list. The list is sorted alphabetically by artist names. The song was introduced with this paragraph:

"Ladytron's Helen Marnie released her long awaited debut solo album Crystal World in the summer. Recorded in Iceland, it suitably captured the island's beautifully relaxed but volatile atmosphere. Its opening track "The Hunter" was a tremendous calling card and the vibrant electropop single that Ladytron never quite got round to releasing. Very pretty and delectably glacial, the tune was vocally and musically expansive like an Arctic escapist fantasy, melancholic but free of doom".

Helen Marnie was also mentioned in End of Year 2013 Review by The Electricity Club:

"Artists who made their name during electroclash such as ADULT. and Miss Kittin made welcome returns in 2013 while also from that era, Ladytron's Helen Marnie released her first solo offering Crystal World; crowd funded via Pledge Music, it was a novel but effective way of securing a promotional budget that involved fans in the process by offering exclusive updates and an opportunity to purchase exclusive memorabilia. In Marnie's case, items on sale ranged from hand written lyric sheets to her Mini-Cooper and a bikini!".