23 September 2016

New music confirmed

According to Daniel Hunt:

"In the São Paulo sun, listening to demos of the first new @LadytronMusic in 5 years".

17 September 2016

The 14th anniversary of "Light & Magic"

Light & Magic was released 14 years ago today!

12 September 2016

The 5th anniversary of "Gravity the Seducer"

Gravity the Seducer was released 5 years ago, on 12 September 2011.

22 July 2016

Ladytron are preparing a new chapter in their career

Ladytron's official site is back. Some great news posted on 18 July:

After a five year hiatus following the release of their fifth album Gravity the Seducer, another chapter in Ladytron's story is about to begin.

More news soon.

28 April 2016

RM Hubbert with Marnie - Sweet Dreams

The song "Sweet Dreams" is a new collaboration between RM Hubbert and Helen Marnie.