11 December 2013

Marnie's "Crystal World" won The VPME's Album of the Year award

Marnie's Crystal World won the Album of the Year award by The Von Pip Musical Express! This site also gave a 5/5 rating and review to this album. Here's the message from The VPME:

Yes, our favourite album of 2013 comes from Ladytron singer Helen Marnie, we described the album as "a hugely emotive record which sees Helen step out from behind her mysterious sultry Ladytron persona and reveal herself to be a songwriter of enormous emotional depth and honesty, able to produce songs which are poetic, fragile, heartfelt, and often downright heart-breakingly beautiful. In doing so she demonstrates just how inspiring, poignant, and engaging pop music can be when it's produced with such eloquence and sincerity. If this album genuinely doesn't move you then we can only conclude your sorry excuse for a soul is as withered, empty and indeed as tiny as Jeremy Clarkson's emaciated little scrotum".

Upon accepting her magnificent "Pipster" award Helen said, "I had no idea how the album would be received so was pretty nervous. I've never won an award! Also, I never thought my name and Jeremy Clarkson's scrotum would appear on the same page. Now that is quite something! Thanks again x".

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