22 December 2011

DailyWhatNot interview (2011)

At Djarum Super Mild: Djakarta Warehouse Project '11, we interviewed the English electronic band Ladytron (Reuben Wu, Helen Marnie, Daniel Hunt, minus Mira Aroyo). It's kinda silly!

DailyWhatNot (DWN): How much Roxy Music means to you?
Daniel Hunt (DH): It's obviously a band we like, but the band name is more of a coincidence than anything else. But Brian Eno is obviously someone who we've been in contact with and that meant a lot to us. But if you listen to our music, I don't think you could hear a lot of Roxy Music in it.

DWN: What's the big difference on being 17 and 21? Is it really like your Seventeen song?
Helen Marnie (HM): I don't think there's much difference. 17 you're younger, 21 you're older.
DH: But there's a big difference between 21 and 36.
HM: Hahaha! I think you're still fun really on 21.
DH: It was just someone else's opinion, not ours.

DWN: You guys are Liverpudlians rite?
HM: The boys are.
DWN: So, Liverpool F.C. or Everton F.C.?
DH: Liverpool of course! If we supported Everton we wouldn't be here in Jakarta.
HM: I'm not from the Liverpool but I supported Liverpool as well over Everton.

DWN: Which new artist do you like now?
Reuben Wu (RW): I've been listening to Connan Mockasin. I'm not sure where he's from, but he's a singer/songwriter, sounds kinda like early Bowie stuff.
DH: I really like a band called Other Lives. Their record this year is been my favorite so far.
HM: I quite like the kind of fun aspect like Foster the People, like catchy fun stuff.
DH: For a big mainstream record that's really good.
DWN: Foster the Hipster!
Ladytron: Hahaha!
DH: Foster the Hipster, I like that, hahaha!

DWN: Do you guys care about Kate Middleton's pregnancy rumor that been going on for months?
DH: No.
HM: Care about what?
DH: Kate Middleton is apparently pregnant but we don't really care, hahaha!
HM: No, I don't care, hahaha! But I'm very happy for them.

DWN: Which of your song had the biggest impact for your music career?
DH: Destroy Everything You Touch is probably the biggest. In terms of all of the action we get when we play it anywhere in the world. It's the one that everybody knows.
HM: And people consider it to be our biggest hit.
RW: But there are a lot fan favorites though, like the first single Playgirl and He Took Her to a Movie was very important at the time.
DH: They got us attention.
HM: I think Playgirl and Seventeen are probably are the big ones majority people know and people always want to hear when we play at a concert.

DWN: Who do you really wanna see tonight at Djakarta Warehouse Project '11?
Ladytron: Jazzy Jeff.
DH: We met him at breakfast.

DWN: What or who influenced you in music?
DH: It's too many things, it's like now, it used to be an easy question to answer what music do you like maybe 20 years ago when you're in school or something, cause you normally like one thing, you like one band and you wanna have every record, but I couldn't describe what music I like and I haven't been able to for at least 10 years, it's impossible. Hmm, you can pick out a couple of bands you've like over the years or that they've been important to you but they don't themselves constitutes and influenced, so I don't know, it's really the hardest question, it's impossible.

DWN: You guys know Trent Reznor right?
HM: Yeah, we toured with Nine Inch Nails.
DWN: How is he like?
HM: He's a serious guy.
RW: He's loads of fun. He loves throwing jokes.
DWN: So he's serious or a joker?
RW: He's a serious joker.
HM: Hahaha!
RW: You should've seen his dressing room on the last tour.
Ladytron: Hahaha!
DH: He's a nice guy and he was helpful to us, but he's a serious guy.
HM: He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it. He was nice to us, so it's cool.

DWN: Is this your first time in Jakarta?
HM: It's my first time.
DH: And me too.
RW: I've been here before with Mira.
HM: I saw a monkey here!
DWN: Where?
HM: On the street.
DWN: With the doll mask?
HM: No.
RW: Do they make the masks themselves?
DWN: Hahaha! Come on!
RW: Monkey mask.
Ladytron: Hahaha!