07 February 2016

"The Hunter" by Marnie featured on the compilation "Ni d'Eve, Ni d'Adam"

Ni d'Eve, Ni d'Adam is a compilation CD of recent tracks by new and heritage artists to mark 35 years of Les Disques du Crépuscule, curated by Michel Duval and James Nice.

Track listing:
01. Marnie - The Hunter
02. Wrangler - Harder
03. Spleen ft. CocoRosie - Beautiful Smell
04. Deux Filles - Her New Master
05. Clou - May the Force Be With You
06. Les Panties - Diving
07. Blaine L. Reininger - Anstrigone
08. Maxence - Cyrin Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet
09. Marsheaux - Ghost/Hammer
10. Section 25 - Mirror
11. 23 Skidoo - Calypso
12. Ultramarine - Eye Contact
13. Antena - Le Spinner
14. Paul Haig - Four Dark Traps
15. Kid Montana + Anna Domino - The Last Love Song
16. The Names - My Angel of Death
17. Pascal - Comelade
18. The Durutti Column - Detail for Annik

You can buy it from here.

06 February 2016

"604" was released 15 years ago today

The outstanding Ladytron's debut album 604 was released 15 years ago on 6 February.

25 January 2016

Ladytron - Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2011)

Content: Ace of Hz / Seventeen

30 November 2015

Emma Anderson of Lush used to work for Ladytron’s management

I used to work for Ladytron's management, so I met Danny back then and we became friends. I never forget the first time I worked in the office and we all went to the pub, and he sat next to me and asked, "Are you Emma Anderson from Lush?" It turns out he was a massive Lush fan when he was about 15. He told me that he had posters of me on his wall and that Ladytron "only existed because of Lush".

I lost contact with him for a few years, but when we were thinking about making a new record, our manager was coming up with ideas for producers. We wanted someone who understood something about the band. I got in touch with Danny via Facebook and asked him if he knew who might be good to produce Lush. He immediately put himself forward. Jim Abbiss, who had produced the Ladytron album Witching Hour is friends with Danny and they had always had an idea that they would work on something together one day. It was probably a drunken chat. So, Jim got involved, which was exciting.


21 November 2015

Daniel Hunt and Jim Abbiss produced the forthcoming EP by Lush

According to Daniel Hunt:

"I have had to keep this quiet for over a year but now the secret is out. It is an honour and a pleasure to produce the first new music in 20 years from one of the most important bands of my youth. X".

More details here:

20 years after Lush's last studio recording and live show, one of the most greatly missed British bands of the Nineties have decided that 2016 is the time to put an end to the constant requests and are to play a series of shows in the spring, visiting America, the UK and mainland Europe. The tour will be preceded with a brand new EP, so it's a new beginning in more ways than one.

While there are plans further down the road to record an album, for now the new EP (as yet untitled, but it will be self-released) will feature four tracks, jointly written by the band's co-founders Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi. Production is being shared between Jim Abbiss and Daniel Hunt of Ladytron.

17 November 2015

"Destroy Everything You Touch" makes number 30 in a BBC America Top 100

The outstanding "Destroy Everything You Touch" makes number 30 in BBC America's Top 100 Greatest British Songs of the 21st Century (So Far).

"While the Liverpool-bred group just barely missed the U.K. Top 40 with this stylish tune from 2005's Witching Hour, Ladytron's magnetic electro-pop became a cult favorite here thanks to its sensational soundscape of robotic beats, bewitching vocals, and icy synths. Remarkably just as fresh a decade on". – MacKenzie Wilson


03 November 2015

Ladytron - El Rey, LA (2006)

Content: Evil / Fighting in Built Up Areas / Soft Power / He Took Her to a Movie

16 October 2015

Helen was nominated in the Most Stylish Musician category at Scottish Style Awards

According to Helen: "The last time i was nominated for anything was in high school 'Worst Haircut' (no accounting for taste) so it is with great pleasure that i have been nominated in the category 'Most Stylish Musician' at this years Scottish Style Awards!!!!".